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F*** Yeah! Female Astronauts! has changed location and name. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Response to Cephus

Seeing that most visitors are currently visiting this page through this blogpost, I think it is appropriate to give a repsonse. I have posted this response in the comments of the article, but in case they do not get approved, I will note it here as well. The article is added below.

My response:

Since I still regularly persons visit the FY Female Astronauts Tumblr from this blog post, I thought it was about time I responded myself. The blog has since moved to a new location: womeninspace.tumblr.com.

The blog is purposefully designed to focus on women in space. I had been on Tumblr for a while, and there were a number of tumblrs dedicated to space and astronauts. Most of these focused on either the early American astronauts, who were all male. Or the recent ISS astronauts, who are overwhelmingly male as well. Due to the dashboard structure this meant that tumblr users were hardly ever exposed to women working in aerospace. I firmly believe that equal exposure to men and women in space will lead to a more equal judgement of men and women in space.

You state that we, my blog included, should not choose or judge based on gender. I agree, and in a perfect world I would not need to. However this is not a perfect world and women are severely underrepresented in a lot of fields related to space. I am working in the space field myself and I encounter sexism on a regular basis. I have spoken with female space engineers who note that they have not been taken seriously by customers because they were female ( “Isn’t there a man that can help me?”). Another example: maybe you know the story of the NASA astronaut who lost her toolbag, it is a famous story and it was partly blamed on her being female. Hardly anyone mentioned that she was cleaning her tools because a grease gun had exploded. However have you heard about the Russian cosmonaut who lost an experiment that was mounted for a year on the outside of the station? Not only was it not given much attention, no one blamed his gender (or his age for that matter). This difference shows that that women are often portrayed more negatively.
 Additionally in almost all fields  related space there are a lot less women than men, with the exception of outreach I think, it is getting better, but it is far from equal.

You stated in the comments that this is because women might just not be interested. I think that is nonsense. Often when looking at pictures of outreach events I see a lot of girls standing first row, eager to learn, eager to expand their knowledge. However, when it is time for college, less and less attend. One of the arguments I have heard for that, from girls interested in space engineering, was that they do not want to spend 5+ years in an environment that is almost completely male dominated. I think it is important to present that women are represented in the space industry, so girls can see they have opportunities in that field. Besides that, the latest astronaut group consisted of 50% women showing an equal interest from both groups. However ISS expeditions are still male dominated, from the top of my head I estimate that the last few years there was about 1 female for 11 males.  As long as women are kept being told that engineering and space is not for them, because of their gender, I will keep telling the opposite.

To answer your questions:
"Can’t we just measure human accomplishments without regard to [bodily features]?" Yes we should, but because society doesn’t, we can’t right now.
"Why is this so hard, especially from the crowd that complains everyone ought to be doing it?" Because if I show people of a female astronaut drinking in space, they make sexist blowjob jokes, while if I show a male astronaut drinking in space, they remark that they want to go to space. Because people doubted that Svetlana Savitskaya could weld, and only stopped complaining when she did it perfectly in space. Because the head of the Russian space agency blamed problems with the Soyuz capsule on the amount of women aboard, even though the two previously all male landings suffered from the same problems. Because female engineers are assumed to be selected on positive discrimination laws, even though they are the best in their fields. Because no female ever visited the moon. Because of the Mercury 13 women, who passed all the test the male astronauts did but were not allowed to fly. Because a person blamed the  challenger disaster on women, even though there were no women involved in the decisions taken. Because a female astronaut was complimented on her sewing skills as if she learned it as a housewife, even though she was a trained surgeon. Because women were attacked for participating in the Lynx astronaut challenge. Because journalist ask question about how it is to be a mom in space, but hardly ever about how it is to be a dad in space. Because girls are told space is for boys.

My blog wouldn’t be necessary if no one was surprised about seeing a female engineer or a female astronaut. However, people still do. People still judge them as less qualified. I am convinced this can only be solved by constantly exposing people to female astronauts, space engineers and scientist. A Tumblr is a perfect tool for this.

Do I discriminate? Yes, I discriminate between men and women, since women are discriminated against in the rest of society. Therefore I think they deserve more exposure for the good deeds they do.

Does this make the blog sexist? No, I do not judge women to be better than men. Neither do I judge men to be better than women.

Do I think we should be gender-blind? No, a woman is a woman, and a man is a man. We should not judge on their gender in unrelated matters. However, a woman is judged differently by society. We should acknowledge that and fight it were we can. We sadly life in a society that judges on gender, and thus we should not be blind for it. If you are an upright citizen that is gender-blind, that is swell. But that also means that you are blind for the way a woman can be treated just because of her gender.

The Article:

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Women in Space! - New URL & Name →

F*** Yeah! Female Astronauts! has changed location and name. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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